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How to lure women: tips for beginners

On this page you will find a lot of useful information on how to behave with women that they like us, as they understand the mood to win the trust and much more. All sections are drawn from the book Odette Bozzo: “As a lure to women”. Get the full scoop on how to make any woman fuck you by visiting the dedicated site at makeanygirlwanttofuck. If you’ve seen any of those ‘make any girl fuck’ adverts, then this is where you need to go!

Sometimes the net gives us these women, whose beauty simply dazzles. Such cases are rare, and we must accept them as treasure, which we found by accident. Some shy, inexperienced or lack the most basic instincts, men always miss such chances. Here are some examples of such cases:

1 you’re running late for work. Suddenly, in the hallway heard the noise. You look with curiosity and … O wonder! Before you have a very beautiful Cynthia, which in this evening also left late. You are one … What do you Take, sheepishly whether “good evening” and return to their work or kindly offered to make dinner together?

2 You are a guest. Among the guests you see a young woman who attracts your attention. You think you know her vaguely. Maybe this is your friend or neighbor school-mate? Did you come to it, saying only “a pleasant evening, is not it?” or tell her how you glad you met her and invite her to a restaurant to leave the dull party together.

3 you have a long sit at the dinner with a doctor when he was secretary succinctly states that the doctor led to the urgent advice and that he delayed. At this point, appears very sylph and said that it had previously determined time. What would your reaction? Perhaps thinking to himself that “this CUTIES will have to wait too long, continuing to read the old magazine, or offer a very nice lady kindly to drink a cup of coffee together after explain that the doctor delayed.

4 You are in the plane. Next to you sits good girl. How will you keep yourself? Offer Is it your headphones. Looking back it is a wonderful creation of nature? Ask whether it whether it is movie stars? Does it, that you are afraid of planes and ask what the title of the book, which rests on her lap? Try to understand the same whether you have your tastes? The most important thing is to talk. Say anything, just do not keep silent. At your disposal five hours of flight, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to win her heart, or at least her friendship. Depends on you not to miss this opportunity.
After all, “gold” chances are not so often. So it failed to do so vigorously and enthusiastically, you can only gain from this, and if can not, at least nothing to lose.

accident date

Perhaps, it may happen that any Venus accidentally find oneself in your arms for the simple reason that she broke down, but such cases are very rare, so you should not rely on them too. We advise you to take advantage of the likely normal situations faced by every day and to be able to instantly capture. All that this should be an affront to your intelligence and ability to take the initiative:

1 You are in the elevator with an attractive woman. Depending on the number of floors you have a few seconds or minutes. Start with the following phrase: “We are raising or fall?” If her coat, and you clothed only in costume, you could ask her what the temperature outside. She has a book in hand, ask that it reads. The time available is very limited, which is why your questions should enable the short answer – yes or no. ” Continue to keep the ball rolling, even after your questions answered and after the elevator stopped. If you stumble a sudden inspiration, quickly following phrase: “I hope to see you again.” In order to have time to get the phone number if you want to get off on the floor, where the girl, or follow her. There is no rule that would oblige you to withdraw from the elevator before it.

2 If you can not navigate in unfamiliar place, never rush to ask about right if you address something old or pointsman, and ask for help to any girl. Many of them would be happy playing the role of guardian angel. Try folow as much information as possible on their own, starting a conversation like this: “You seem very familiar with this quarter will probably live near here?” If it goes in the same direction, it may hold you, but if not hint at it, why not invite her this? If you liked her, she secretly would expect this and will deviate from the route, which was that did not stop this unexpected familiarity. But even if nothing like this happens, there is nothing wrong with that, to force the girl to think that hard for you to find the way. Do not forget the following: the more you pretend that you difficult to navigate in the area, the more likely that it will offer you their assistance.

3, you will be meeting with colleagues from other firms in which many women. Why would you not, I twist to a meeting before the appointed time, to be able to talk to any officer or secretary, which offers coffee? At the reception, you can see at least a good few girls who constantly moving hither and thither. There is nothing easier as the tie conversation with one of them, asking for a moment pencil or asking where you can use the phone.
It is not how many such possibilities gives you the accident, and what benefits you can derive from them.

Be very polite and gallant

In the past, in order to know the woman, knights tried to pull them out of predicament. Nowadays, it is equally important. Regardless of the fact that in this era there were feminist movement, expression of gallantry led the women’s heart beat stronger. This is a continuing sense of feminine! Even the smallest gestures in this regard are seen as a confirmation of your interest and respect for her.

Make the service of women in a difficult position, this investment that helps you gain a magnificent way to subjugate it to its will. Regardless of that strong feminists, these women prefer a man who can master any situation. Very often the gallantry of men payback old mens. Here’s how you can do with beauty, which makes your heart beat frequent chest:

* Offer her a seat on the bus
* Help her to smoke
* Help if you see that she has a bag or suitcase
* Bring your beautiful handkerchief when it starts to sneeze (but by no means a one-paper handkerchief, because she will not excuse you to return your handkerchief)
* Help to remove coats
* Give assistance when necessary to change a tire her car, or offer to take it to the service, and then get it somewhere.

This is not about to engage in such a situation, which then would be difficult to break, but just take the opportunity to show their gallantry and easily accessible for you gesture, which could become a wonderful beginning of a new love adventures.

ask for assistance

When are in a difficult position (as is often the case with men), ask for help from any girl or woman. This tactic courtship is nearly error-free.

Everyone knows that the supermarket is the ideal place to start flirting with any woman. When you are in the meat department, ask blonde, which eats with his own eyes, the recipe for meat or on how to bake chicken, which buy. You can be sure that you have any siren, which would be happy to help you choose beets, and an invitation to dinner, you can make the most natural way in the interval between the phrases on the theme of food.

The ability to do good work arouses in every woman instinct mother (except where this gesture could humiliate her). So if you see a woman in a store of books that you care about, do not forget that it may be pleased to take this opportunity to recommend to you acclaimed books.

Do not doubt that the neighbor, who lives with you on one staircase, the pleasure you will say in answer to your question about prices, hiring apartments in the house.
And this Venus on the beach would be happy to share a cold tea from the flask to replace what you tell her about the beach oil, which can protect from sunlight of a beautiful back. The same applies to sales of spirits, which is pleased to help you choose the toilet water, which is going to buy into her office. In both cases, you will learn a lot and tans and spirits.

Finally, do not seek help from those horrible, but only for girls.

style “aristocrat”

If you have a woman such treatment, which is worthy of the Queen, she will accept you as king. Style “aristocrat” does not imply a desire to impress the beauty, and is likely to suggest to what degree it produces the impression on you. Men can show their special sensitivity, imagination and tested the respect and admiration for her.

There is no need to give her an apartment or to vacation in the Mediterranean resort. No, it’s trite, and every millionaire could do it. The original style “aristocrat” is a sign of elegance that turns a casual meeting in a burning fire idyll or hail-fellow relationship in the passionate experience. You can send a bouquet of roses to your colleague on the occasion of a happy event to go with his friend in the theater or cinema. Style “aristocrat” could create epistolary novel, starting with beautiful postcards with the wish of pleasant moments associated with a particular event. the same style can you suggest any opportunity to wait lady of your heart after working hours in a huge limousine.

an invitation to dinner in the style of “aristocrat”

Restaurants are those special places where you can discover their skills. One evening spent there can change the style of relations that supports women.

At the outset, then posh restaurant, even if it will cost you dearly. In this situation, the food itself was of secondary importance. Romantic atmosphere, beautiful tablecloths and napkins, subdued lighting and sophisticated services – this is what is important. See to it that the staff refers to your partner as this home with all fitting probation. best if the wine served with meals. If not dealt with in wine, take a look at the price, but do not choose either very expensive or very cheap wine. While most cheap champagne gives the evening a special connotation.
There is no need to underestimate the influence of wine on human nature. Recognized as a divine nectar, the drink of kings, warriors and Don Giovanni, the wine is so magical, calming drug, which entices young girls. Familiar psychiatrist described how one of his patients slept with her boyfriend only after he had her regale prestigious wine.

Money and style “aristocrat”

Style “aristocrat” leads us to think that money does not matter. Of course, this is not the case. No reasonable person can not endure long, sprinkle money. When live in the style of “aristocrat” You have to show that you care about it, revealing some of your main features. Once gallantry costs money, why would not allow a pleasant evening, but it may cost. Buy it flowers from the florist that pass by your table. Your partner is undoubtedly enjoy. Ask instead of the usual coffee coffee-Express. Finish dinner, ordering sweet liqueur. Raise toast to the most beautiful woman on earth, which sits in front of you. Aghast, and your charm, and wine, it is easier to yield to your courtship.

When the yield by not cry out loud if it seems too big to you, because this evening is not repeated every day. Keep smiling and accept account offhandedly.

However, never have to talk about money with a woman when you just started acquaintance. Why keep it appeared that this your last money. Felt uncomfortable because of your reaction, though take with the understanding it renounces such evenings.

Generous tips create the mood of the staff, which will apply to you with appropriate respect. By the end of the evening stay the same nice Chevalier. If you can not hold her, order her taxi driver let her and pay the money. The issue resolved with the driver, not with his friend. This additional gallant gesture gives her great pleasure and convince her that her pet and take care of it. She left the impression that you it had nothing to fear.

The ability to show attention to the lady always unlimited. Wear always with a handkerchief and matches and lighters, which go on the street, always adhered to its partner. Offer her hand when she fell from a car or bus. Suggest to her coat when she dresses.

When she met with you the night, bring her coffee in bed, then let her elegant peignoir and offer fruit juice in a crystal glass. Do not forget that there are always the usual and unusual way to do many things. Style “aristocrat” needed a man who wants in his life were exceptional woman.

And colleagues at work?
This Wednesday, in which the work remains the best source for romantic adventures. At work, people hold a very long time, and this is precisely the enabling environment, where relations with female colleagues may become permanent and waves. Women are everywhere. They are so good and so much that you can turn your head.

Salary is not the only reason, because women prefer to work and perform various tasks. The ability to be among colleagues helps them feel more personalities, they have created the most friendly relations. In any business there are at least a seductive woman, while others have their own character and intellect, while others are just ordinary officials in suit. Among these women are representatives of Bohemia and nature lovers.

Regardless of what work and what you age, they want to please you and raise your admiration. They have so many Ott this effort and energy that you need to be just gawk, not to overlook this and not take advantage of this.

Insistence is the key to success in the future idyll. Think about all those women that occur every day, day after day and months. Not preparing themselves for courtship, learn techniques that will help you seduce one that is most like you.

The atmosphere at work helps acquaintances and contacts between women and men whose interests coincide. In the life of any person, regardless of whether it is male or female, the work is very important.

There is nothing more natural than to talk to a female colleague and inviting her to a restaurant or bar. Common interests arising from all work together to create the conditions for frequent meetings and heightened desires, not going beyond certain boundaries. If, of course, you do not work in night bar, where the situation is fundamentally different in all other places sensuality is born, not to cross the border more or less pronounced flirtation.

But what can we say about sexuality, related to power and hierarchy of important positions. Where the atmosphere is full of ambition, secret competition and temptation. If you have an important post, then the problem of grooming is easier. Women are afraid men who have power, but at the same time, they like it was such a man. If you do not belong to the category of those men, then select the behavior, consistent with well-friendship, and this will help you easily keep in touch with girls and women in the workplace. In any case, work environment creates the conditions for idyll.

Closed for lunch

The operation itself lunchtime important than the fact that something must fill his stomach. How many romantic adventures occurred precisely during a lunch break. In such moments professional relationships are intertwined with romance pleasant meeting in private. When you say any of your colleagues: “Why do not we have lunch together?”, For her, these words have the following meanings: “I want to take care of you.” And when she responds affirmatively, saying “I agree”, in essence, it tells you that “takes courtship.”

It thus becomes the first joint luncheon beginning and the consecration of a future love connection. It is best if this is exquisite dinner. Not necessarily, that is what happened in expensive restaurants, but, of course, not a cheap eatery. Select a place where calm will help the relations established in the workplace (ie relations, to which you are accustomed to both), becoming a romantic relationship, which will start a new novel.

Since then, you should buy quite a different nature, which does not have anything to do with official relations. At this point in her life, she expects you to praise her beauty, charm, voice, walk, spirits, sexy much more than talk about qualifications. Remind her and himself, that from this moment it you will be more to it than just a colleague at work.
After understand that the dinner ended, though, alas, and very quickly, say something like: “Indeed I am very happy! We must continue this conversation. Do not mind if somewhere on Thursday night?”.

If you want to invite more often, why not find other comfortable place, or propose, for example, go for a picnic.

charming colleague

When running a large company, you have the opportunity to meet many girls, and more frequent changes of personnel are increasing opportunities for your gains. Hurry to give attention to a new colleague, yet it failed to do someone else from your colleagues. Use specific tactics. Avoid traditional words like “Welcome. Do you like us?” Try to detain her mind think twice compliment. Ask her about the work, tell a few good words about her boss and colleagues. Walk with the throughout the building, show her where the main offices, cafes. Help her to understand some particular situation, fill out the required documents. All this is a proof of peer relations to it and help you become a friend. Meet with other colleagues. Inviting her to dinner with colleagues. In pleasant surroundings, she quickly learned all the subtleties in an environment of the workplace, starting with the fact that prefers the chief that he does not like, etc.

Tell her about the requirements team, in which it will work. This wave of sensitivity and attention on your part will certainly be brought together with you.

“activities” at work

When the Committee for the “events” are present at the dinner, which brought together all colleagues, their presence creates some tension, the situation becomes tight. These cases are usually not very favorable for new contacts and novels. In such circumstances, be more cautious. Not close to the woman that interest you, or do so very deliberately. If you talk to her only on the work, do so with dignity. If she answers you in the same style, inviting her to dinner in the coming days.

If you find that it does not interested in problems at work, can the next day invited to hold together a night off.

This type of relationship should be maintained and in the general activities related to holidays or, for example, the annual congresses. You’ll notice that these events for some become a sort of fun, especially for those who will move to another job or who do little work.

Making of a Don Juan in front of all and whatever the circumstances are not helping career, although it may be tickle your health.

WHAT say experts
Rich or poor, young or old, handsome or homely, everyone is a mixture of confidence, skills, self, sincerity and may be fellow, very good.

You must, however, take into account that some occupations favors contacts with women. Many of you are working with the figure of contracts, or producing control orchestras summer slippers in the winter. But Jim rescue work, and always swarm around the most alluring women.

Why is Jim such a profession? Maybe because it likes to take care of women, or because of the chance. One God knows. What is important is that Jim wealth of experience. Here’s what experts think that one should speak, to do and try to do to win the heart of a woman. I stress that none of the fellow is not beautiful, too rich or just lucky. What they know about this matter comes from the rich experience gained through and the mistakes and successes. They have the experience, with the monitoring and determination to please women.

Ken A. .. professional tennis player

Professional tennis coach in the famous tourist center in California on behalf of Ken taught this game so many beauties that you simply difficult to imagine this. Its students come from all over the world, from European capitals and the far west of Middle America. All of them love their teacher. Why? Here’s how he explains it, Ken.

“The tennis courts are very easy to chum with women, because at a place they least expect courtship. My job is to surround their attention and show them what and how should I do if I want to learn to play tennis. As Teacher me slightly closer to a woman to lead her movements. For this purpose, any player can invite neighboring courtesy to assist start tennis player. This kind of men are beginning to care for women remains at the club before the break on the court. I know of one visitor who there 40 minutes before the start of the game, to have a conversation with a woman who he likes. This initiative gives him the opportunity to spend time in the company’s most beautiful girls. Paul, another ardent visitor courts, for example, always with a few tennis balls By offering them girls, and explaining that their balls less than thumbs up for a good game. When they return it with gratitude the ball, inadvertently started a conversation in which he invited them to drink with him something … and so on.

Many men are recorded on the court, not having their own partner. When you receive an interesting object, this type of fellow invited her to join him on pretext that his partner has not arrived. Although this number quite so old, most of the girls are the rules of the game. For them does not matter the type of courtship, the whole issue is that the man was sincere in his desire to meet with them. I would even tell you the champion in tennis, which, incidentally, very rarely can be seen at the court, because most of the time he spent with the girls who came to play tennis. after intensive games in the heat, any girl appreciate the invitation to drink cold lemonade.

Incidentally or not, but the source of water did not work in the park, which is help our fellow invite girls to drink with them at least normal lemonade. I think that the source did not work is not without the help of some of these Lovelace.

I advise men who want to get acquainted with the girls at the tennis courts, first learn to play well and wear suitable for this sport suit. Even if you do not become a champion, your quality of a good player to help you in the new conquests ladies’ hearts … ”

Mike D. .. barman

Mike works in a bar in Manhattan, which has been highly successful. He understands and sees what’s happening around him, he has a wonderful opportunity to observe how men caring for women. If the bars of big cities you drive and you want to be an experienced follower, listen to his words.

“I’ve seen almost everything there is to see, even the most incredible things. For example, a guy who creep under the table and gnawed hip women, and, oddly enough, some of them seem funny.

In any case, I think that ordinary people, well-meaning, are able to talk with strangers girl or woman who frequently reaches its goal. They like to chat with women who did so sincerely. Women like men who self-confidence, but they do not like shy, spineless men.

Bobby always forced to wear a cup to drink. I am as a barman was always a pleasure to fulfill such an order, and women usually love it. Even when they refuse such a gift, this gallant gesture in them a sense of curiosity and forces them to pay attention to cavaliers. Bobby is always interesting when the lady refuses to present cup. More often than not do more shy girl. Then, it uses its entire arsenal of good manners, all her experience to reassure her. Bobby will never give up trying, if a girl he liked.

I recall, and another type that kept very strange to each incomer girl. He watch and said: “I am quite two minutes to fall in love with you.” Very often, this tactic helped him.

Another follower rise just before the girl who walked past him. she usually say “excuse me”, trying to go past. And our hero answered, “No, no excuse.” When the girl appeared on the face of surprise, he continued: “It can not contain not say a word, because you have such nice.” This behavior is also likely to bear fruit, as would be naive to all this is not the look.

You saw that even help in these cases, because most young girls and women appear in the bar precisely in order to get a suitable man. That is why, if you have good manners, know how to pleasure, and if you talk a little more beautiful Quasimodo, you will succeed.

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